We offer a wide range of vintage axes and saws here at Thrane Axe & Saw Company. Our wide collection is full of those very rare embossed axes or those highly sought after crosscut saws that you may be looking for!

Complete your tool collection with vintage axes and vintages saws from Thrane Axe & Saw Company. Benefit from the portability of a handsaw when you tackle big projects.

Single & Double Bit Axes
Find the perfect axe for splitting firewood or going camping. All axes we offer are lightly used or brand new and have pictures of the axe heads. We offer single bit axes such as hatchets, boy’s axes, filling axes, splitting mauls, and broad axes. The double bit axes we offer include saddle cruiser, regular cruiser, and throwing axes.

Prices for axes range from $100 to $2,000. Additionally, we can add a new hickory handle to it and make custom leather sheaths as well. You can also opt to get your axe restored, depending on its condition. Our normal turnaround time is within one to two weeks.


Vintage and Antique Saws
Bring the edges of your saw back to life or purchase a new one from our collection. We offer the popular carpenter handsaws, one-man saws, and two-man saws, as well as custom saw blades and covers. Other services include sharpening old saw blades and chain saws and oiling handles. Prices for saws range from $50 to $1,000.


Contact us for vintage saws and axes that make your projects easier.