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Premium Grade and Handmade Axes and Handle Blanks Hickory, Walnut and Ash


Man has used the axe for more than a million years. The axe is one of the oldest wooden tools used by mankind and has many advantages in any scenario. Compared to a knife, an axe allows you to gather and split firewood more efficiently, speed up game processing, and create bigger and better shelters.Fast forward to the present times, the axe is used for its versatility and durability making it a great tool to use, specifically in the survival situations. A premium grade, handmade axe is a lifeline in the wilderness, and at home it’s a magnificent window into that wilderness.

Making an axe handle is an old skill. Back then, the axe head was handmade and so was the handle. An axe handle is strongest when split from a stave rather than cut out of a board. Long, straight-grained woods such as hickory, walnut or ash are traditionally chosen for axe wedge and handles because the wooden material is strong and produce long, straight staves. Our wooden axe handles are turned to fit the grip of the user’s hands ensuring extra comfort and better control of the tool.Finding the right wood is probably the trickiest part of the project, and making an axe handle requires serious skills. Don’t fret, Thrane Axe & Saw has a variety of premium axe handle blanks for sale such as hickory, walnut and ash. We have various handle styles for which we cut the blanks out of in house. This is a good alternative for those who wish not to spend the full cost of having us properly carve and hang your axe for you. All handle blank wood and wedges fully seasoned, dry, and is cut to have the straightest grain possible.

Lifetime Guaranteed Leather Goods for Sale

Our premium leather goods are inspired by the past, designed for the present, and built for the future. We ensure our products come with a lifetime guarantee to share your journey of curiosity, discovery, and connection. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in creating old hand woodworking tools like axes, axe heads, wedges, leather sheaths and other leather goods. We try to keep the traditional craftsmanship flourishing through our hand made products and latest projects.We have some of the world’s finest axes and we offer an even wider range of premium handmade axes with various types and varieties such as axes, axe heads, wedges, leather sheaths and other leather goods. We also offer a wide range of options of leather goods such as double tongue leather belt, dress belts, leather keychains and more. Handcrafted with high quality hides made in the USA!

To see and read about more on items for sale, please feel free to browse online and shop unique and handmade for sale items directly from our online shop. Should you want to purchase leather goods such as double tongue leather belts, single or double tongue vegetable tanned belts, dress belts, leather keychains or have any further queries please feel free to contact our shop at (240) 401-8830 or visit us online on our website.

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