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Leather is a fabric that has been used to make various products and accessories. Owning a premium handmade leather goods is a sign of sophistication in taste. Leather is a great material that is timeless, durable and long-lasting. Leather also has been the sheathing material of choice for blades of all sizes from time immemorial. It is supple and beautiful and provides soft, scratch-free protection for your blade, making it a perfect choice of material for knife sheaths, axes, saws and handles.

Over the years, Thrane Axe & Saw has developed a variety of leather sheath styles to compliment the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of options of sheaths, custom axes, vintage saws and handles at affordable sale prices.We craft our handmade leather products right from the good stuff. We create original designs and pair innovative artisanship using only premium handmade leather materials. Our goal is to create the finest leather products and goods for everyone to enjoy. By combining handcrafted luxury with modern innovation, we continually strive to make the best leather goods and we want our products to exceed your expectations so we ensure that our leather sheaths add the perfect final touch of lasting beauty and utility to your knife for years to come.

We also cater to custom requests for sheaths, custom axes, vintage saws and handles. Prices for custom sheath work and other vintage items will vary according to selected options. To see and read about more on items for sale, please feel free to browse online and shop unique and handmade for sale items directly from our online shop.Should you want to purchase a custom made item or have any further queries please feel free to contact our shop at (240) 401-8830 or visit us online on our website.

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