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We offer a portable sawmill service to mill your logs into lumber!

Thrane Axe and Saw Company can come on site to your particular location and mill the logs with our portable LT-40 Super Hydraulic Wood Mizer sawmill. If the logs are over 36″ diameter they will have to be first cut with our Alaskan chainsaw mill. This will allow the log to be more manageable in size in order to fit easier through the Wood Mizer’s cutting capacity of a 26″ width of cut. The Alaskan mill we usually use can cut a 4ft wide log. If the log is even bigger, we can do up to 6ft wide with our double ended chainsaw mill! No matter the location with some exceptions, we can cut your logs wherever they are! Whether it be a fallen tree, a tree that had to be taken down, or already cut up logs, we can can help turn that into usable lumber! Lumber that you can use for flooring, cabinets, tables, siding, posts, beams, etc!



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