Grove Tool Works Boys Axe Restored


All around general purpose axe for backpacking, farm and ranch use! 25 dollars off retail price!

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A very nice general purpose axe for all around work. Weighs in at only 2.5 lbs with a 24″ curved premium handmade straight grain orientation Beech handle and a handmade custom blue leather sheath with two heavy duty snaps. The sheath is very easy to use and also well made to last many years of abuse!

The handle comes with many coats of boiled linseed oil to ensure the handle will not come lose within receiving the axe but also to protect the wood from rotting and moisture. The handle is fitted tight with two black walnut wedges that have been hammered in very tight and set with wood glue for 24 hrs prior to soaking in boiled linseed oil to ensure minimal movement of the woods!

The edge has been sharpened to a mirror polish and is plenty sharp and ready to go!

The end of the handle is stamped #466 signifying it is a one of a kind handle with no other axe like it! The sheath is stamped #459 also signifying it is a one of a kind item.

You are buying a restored axe that is both collectible and a working tool!

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