EP Restored Socketed Axe


One of a kind axe! Fifty dollars off retail price! On Sale!

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Fitted with a handcarved 25.5″ long birch handle in the traditional fashion made by a local craftsman. It comes with a freshly ground and polished edge ready to go to work! A custom made dark brown leather sheath protects the edge and the axe long term. The sheath is easy to take on and off and is more durable than most leather sheaths on the market today. The overall weight with the sheath is about 3 lbs. It would be a great general purpose axe for most woodworking jobs. Would be a nice bushcraft or backpacking axe as it isn’t too heavy and the handle isn’t too long to make it cumbersome to take out in the woods. You won’t find many axes like these for sale so act quickly and own this axe today!

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