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portable Sawmill Service

We will Bring a sawmill to you
We provide repair and restoration services


We offer a portable sawmill service to mill your logs into lumber!

Thrane Axe and Saw Company can come on site to your particular location and mill the logs with our portable LT-40 Super Hydraulic Wood Mizer sawmill. If the logs are over 36″ diameter they will have to be first cut with our Alaskan chainsaw mill. This will allow the log to be more manageable in size in order to fit easier through the Wood Mizer’s cutting capacity of a 26″ width of cut. The Alaskan mill we usually use can cut a 4ft wide log. If the log is even bigger, we can do up to 6ft wide with our double ended chainsaw mill! No matter the location with some exceptions, we can cut your logs wherever they are! Whether it be a fallen tree, a tree that had to be taken down, or already cut up logs, we can can help turn that into usable lumber! Lumber that you can use for flooring, cabinets, tables, siding, posts, beams, etc!

Thrane Axe and Saw: Affordable but Tested Quality of Hardwoods and Lumber Products, and Portable Saw Milling Services in Maryland

At Thrane Axe and Saw Company, we offer high quality of hardwoods and lumber for sale products in our online store, and do on location portable sawmill services. These products are on top of our vintage axe and saw restoration services, which we are known for in Maryland and all of USA. To cater to the expanding demands of our clients and given our commitment to satisfy such demands without compromising affordability and quality of specialty products, we now provide for sale hardwoods, lumber, and premium selection of leather products. And to make things easier and more convenient for our clients, most of our hardwoods, lumber, and leather sheaths products can be ordered in our online store.

In addition to our for sale lumber and hardwoods products, we also offer on site portable sawmill services beyond Maryland to mill your logs into usable lumber. We have a team of well-skilled craftsmen that will turn your logs (in whatever form) into lumbers which can be used for flooring, cabinets, sidings, tables, and many other products.

We are located in Maryland but our products and services reach California, New York, Texas, Florida, and all of USA. Whether you are in need of lumber or hardwoods products for your newly-renovated home, leather sheaths, or vintage axe restoration, we’ve got you covered. All of our products (available as well in our online store) and portable sawmill services are at affordable costs but still the best. Give us a call now to know more.