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Grading, snow removal, land clearing, material handling, etc.
We provide repair and restoration services



Quality Handmade leather sheaths

Mobile Sawmill Service

Thrane Axe and Saw Company can come on site to your particular location

Located in Dickerson, Maryland, Thrane Axe & Saw Company, sells saws and axes of all sorts.
We Specialize quality axe restoration and custom wooden saw and axe sheaths, among items. We have highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who do exceptional vintage axe restoration and custom wooden saw and axe sheaths that others can’t.
Furthermore, we only use the best tools and equipment in the industry to ensure the quality of the work and keep up or level up to client’s expectations that’s part of our commitment to quality, we also pride ourselves with our fair pricing.
We make our clients happy by providing them cost-effective quality service. With many years in the industry, we assure our clients an effective, affordable and on-time service that they can’t get from others. So if you are looking for a company that sells vintage axes and saws, or does axe restoration Thrane Axe & Saw Company has you covered.

Contact us now to know more about our services at (240) 401-8830. We operate Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00 pm.

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