Rare Collins Company custom restored felling axe!


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A rare the Collins Company Legitimus single bit felling axe made in Collinsville, Connecticut with a nice embossing logo stamped into the steel. The axe is fitted with a professionally hung and finished handmade curly ash curved handle made from scratch using only hand tools such as a drawknife, spokeshave and sandpaper. It is wedged with an Osage orange wood wedge that is very rot resistant and a very hard domestic wood here in the USA making the fitmanship of the handle to the axe very good for a long time!

The handle is very slim and we’ll balanced similar to the older axe handles that were manufactured many years ago when there was a demand for quality. It is approximately 27.75 inches long from the section protruding the eye to the end of the handle down by the swell.
It comes razor sharp ready to chop and split any wood. For safety and longevity of the edge it comes with a handcrafted green dyed leather sheath that is very simple and easy to use.
The total weight of the axe is approximately 4 lbs with the axe head alone weighing close to 3 lbs.
This is a one of a kind axe with lots of craftsmanship and history making it very special one.


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